Andy North, Austin, TX

Your team did an outstanding job removing the Live Oak in my backyard. It was a tricky job to ensure the limbs fell only where they were supposed to and not in a neighbor's yard and they did a great job. They were quick and efficient and they did a great job cleaning up afterwards. I took bids from more than 10 tree service firms and not only was yours among the lowest, but you did exactly what I wanted and didn't try to upsell me on anything.

Faith Presbyterian Child Development Center

Thank you for trimming the trees on the playground. Our trees have never looked so good!

Neal, Austin, TX

Thank you for a great job. The excellent trimming has added to the beauty of my yard and home. The removal of a tree will let me use the space for a play area for my grandson. Thanks again for such a great job and outstanding clean up!

Phill in Onion Creek

I recommend Adam's Apple Tree Service as they do what they say and are reasonable in their pricing. However, it is not about the price, but the delivery of the service and the service is great!

Scott Robuck, Austin, TX

I can tell that Adam's Apple Tree Service cares for ALL trees. Last week, my neighbor called them out to inspect several trees that looked like they needed some help. As they were inspecting the trees on my neighbor's property, they also noticed that one of my trees had been infected by insects and an animal had carved away at the trunk of the tree. Almost half of the trunk was gone (below the ground level) and the tree was in danger of falling onto either my house or my neighbor's house!

Charles of Adam's Apple Tree Service made a point to contact me and let me know about my sick tree and the damage it might cause by falling in a bad storm. Since the tree was beyond any hope for survival, Charles offered a fair price for complete removal of the tree and hauling it off. Thanks to Adam's Apple Tree Service, what could have been a problem for me or my neighbor was fixed by the proactive and courteous service they provided. I will recommend Adam's Apple Tree Service to my friends for all of their tree trimming and tree health needs.